Multi-Purpose Gap-Filling Adhesive NS.SN

Newstar Multi Purpose Gap Filling Adhesive NS.SN

Multi-Purpose Gap-Filling Adhesive NS.SN

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Multi-Purpose Gap-Filling Adhesive NS.SN

Offering Less Impact On The Environment, This Solvent-Free Formula
Offers Instant Grab And A Though Permanent Bond On Virtually Any Porous
Surface. A Low Odour, Water Clean-Up Construction Adhesive Which Cures
To Form A High Strength Bond. Extremely Low VOC Content. Contains No
Harmful Raw Materials, Making It Safter For The Environment, Safe For
The User And Safe On Substrates.

Note: Recommended For Internal Use Only.

Ideal For Fixing Panelling, Plasterboard, Cove Base, Window Sills,
Styrofoam, Carpet Tack Strips, Tub Surrounds, Fireplaces,
Loose Floor/Wall Tiles, Plywood, Aluminium, Wood, Concrete, Cork,
General Repairs To Wood, Fixing Hardboard, And Plywood And As A
General Adhesive.

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