Night Latch Case NL1.SSS Din Standard

Night Latch Case NL1.SSS Din Standard

Product ID: NL1.SSS

Functional Criteria

1. Lever Handle Withdraws Latch Bolt.
2. Latch Bolt Is Reversible.
3. Cylinder Withdraws Latch.
4. 60mm Backset. 72mm Centres.
5. Case Includes Dust Cap.
6. Radius or Square Forend Interchangeable Available.

Dimensional Requirements
Meets The Dimensional Requirements of BS 8300
DIN 18251

Night Latch Case NL1.SSS Din Standard

Additional Requirements

13mm Rebates Available.


BS EN 12209 : 2003 Building Hardware – Mechanically Operated Locks, Latches, and Locking Plates
A Comprehensive Classification System For Assessing The Wide Range Of Products
Needed To Satisfy The Diverse Requirments Of The European Market. Features
Assessed Include Normal Using (And Abuse) Forces, Long-Term Durability,
Fire/Smoke Resistance, Corrosion And Temperature Resistance And Security,
Both Manipulative And Physical.

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