AGB Touch – Sliding Door Latch



AGB Touch – Sliding Door Latch

Product Information

Forend: 18mm

Material: Steel 

Product Description

Open the door with the most simple and natural gesture: a touch! 

Contactless magnetic door cather: the catching force can be adjusted and guaranteed, no matter the distance between sash and frame. Suitable for gaps from 2 – 5mm. 

In systems with fixed magnets, the force decreases without possibility of adjustment by the increase of gap between sash and frame.

With Touch, the handle is released from the unlock function: it just helps ot push and pull the door. The designer’s creativity is free to create new handle shapes and to intergrate the handle in the door design. 

The release of magnets happens only when the sash is aligned to the striker. The magnets throw can be adjusted by using a 2,5mm allen key. Touch definitely avoids the adjustment problems of roller latch. When the door is open, the magnets retract and stay flush with the forend, giving a minimal design to the door and avoiding problems caused by any protrusion. 

Removable cover with clip hids the fastening screws and the adjustments grub of magnets. 

Touch can be interchanged with existing milling installation for the Polaris 2XT. 

Key Features

  • Absolute freedom to choose the handle 
  • Minimal design, no visible screws 
  • Patented adjustable system of catching force 

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What is included

  • Touch adjustable magnetic door catcher
  • Forend cover
  • Magnetic striker for wooden or aluminium frame (upon request)



Additional information


Wooden Frame, Aluminium Frame



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