BARY® Heel Concealed Double Action Closer 60kg NS.CID Hold Open

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BARY® Heel Concealed Double Action Closer 

Code: NS.CID001HO

Variable Closing Force Standard Doors  ?950mm
Suitable Door Thickness ?40mm
Body Dimension (Length x Wide x Projection) 181 x 56 x 32 (mm)
Spring Strength 60kg
Angle of Opening 150°
Closing Speed Adjustable 10°
Braking Speed Adjustable 0°
Non-handed Yes
With Cover Yes
Mechanical Guarantee 5 Years


Product Information 

  • Quick and easy installation with smooth movement
  • Smooth movement
  • Easy installation with base seat adjustable backward and forward, left and right and alignment adjustment
  • A double action closer with no need to cut out the concrete floor
  • No additional cost for top and bottom strap (included)
  • Breaking speed / Closing speeding adjustable 
  • Hold open at 90°

A heavier Hold Open spring strength version is available for 100kg door weight –BARY® Heel Concealed Double Action Closer 100kg

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