AGB Scivola T Sliding Bathroom Door Lock

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AGB Scivola T Sliding Bathroom Door Lock

Product Information

Lock for internal sliding doors. Since it is simple to install, and given the considerable hook-striker tolerance, Scivola T guarantees perfect locking in all situations. Scivola T is a pleasingly smooth operating handle and key system. The head of the hook features a patented bit which acts as jig to mark on the jamb the centre of the notch for the striker housing. Scivola T is provided in kit including catches with handles and finger pull.

Lock kit with hook and steel flush pull with thumb turn, without key. Notched locking cam on
the outside for emergency opening. All the elements have been designed to eliminate ant
superfluous projections.

For concealed, sliding timer doors on bathrooms or any room where
the door is closed from one side only and does not require a key to lock it.


Lock Information

Backset: 50mm

Function: Bathroom

Suitable for doors 40 – 48mm thick

Hub: 8mm

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