National Key Scheme NKS Anti Bacterial Disabled Toilet Lock BARYBAC



National Key Scheme NKS

Product Infromation

The national key scheme lock allows independent living for the nations disable patrons. Providing the key holder with access to over 9000 locked accessible toilets across the UK. National Key Scheme approved keys are available to people who require use of the toilet facilities due to their disability or health conditions. 

The objection of the NKS lock is to ensure that public toilets are available to the disabled free from misuse and vandalism, to ensure a certain level of hygiene is maintained. The National Key Scheme offers disable people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. ToileAts fitted with National Key Scheme locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafes, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country. 

BaryBac Anti Bacterial Coating 

  • BaryBac is a Nano based technology which will reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses on surfaces its applied to. Including Cronoavirus/Covid, MRSA & E.Coli 
  • Both internal and external plates of the lock have been treated with BaryBac to ensure the maximum protection from bacteria and viruses for the NKS lock 
  • Tested to Standards 
    • Coronoavirus / Covid : ISO 21702:2019
    • MRSA / E COLI : EN 136697:2001
  • BaryBac comes with a 5 year guarantee 


Choosing the handing?

The Bary Complete (National Key Scheme Lock) – is handed left or right 

Please refer to the handing diagram images to help choose the correct handing 

How does the lock work?

With the handle on the inside your patron simply inserts their key into the external face plate. Turning the key will withdraw the latch. Once inside the patro lifts the handle up 45 ° to lock the door. Once done they return the handle to its original position. Pushing down on the handle will withdraw the latch allowing your patron to exit the toilet. 

What is included?

x1 External face plate 

x1 Internal face plate 

x1 Handle 

x1 NKS Lock

x1 Fixing Pack 

x1 Installation Key 



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